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  • Decoding The Hidden Ruins Of Southern Africa Discovering

    In my personal experience and research have found at least ancient mine shafts in gold-rich areas and been told about dozens more by farmers all over south africa. ancient mines covered by metres of soil have been reported by at least miners in the in the province of limpopo and more than 75,000 mines have been reported by the 200,000-year-old city found in southern africa may rewrite history. In south africa, about 150 km west of port maputo, mozambique, a giant stone city has been discovered. It became possible to determine the age of the site by measuring the erosion rate of the dolerite.

  • Anunnaki Structures Year Old Ancient City

    aug 01, 2016 well, in 2005 a man named johan heine discovered an ancient city in africa that could prove to be the missing link to the anunnaki. located around 150 km west of the port of maputo, in south africa, researchers have found the remains of a vast metropolis that measures, according to initial surveys, a staggering 1,500 square kilometers.On earth, gold is one of the most important resources society knows of. We use it in a lot of things. It is used in electrical components and in almost everything that has to do with electricity, gold is really one of the top conductors, and its malleability and ability to transform it into wires, the ability to use it in really small forms as nanoparticles is going to make it an incredible

  • Aliens May Be Coming To Earth To Take Home Their Gold

    new study by researchers at michigan state university and the technical university in darmstadt, germany, looked into where earths heavy metals, gold in particular, originated and their computer models gave two surprising suggestions, neither of which is a river bed in california or a dusty mine in africa.. according to their study, conducted at the facility for rare isotope beams at msu sent to earth in search of life-saving gold, these ancient anunnaki astronauts from the planet nibiru created the first humans as a slave race to mine gold--thus beginning our global traditions of gold obsession, slavery, and god as dominating master.

  • The Gold Trade Of Ancient Amp Medieval West Africa World

    may 13, 2019 west africa was one of the worlds greatest producers of gold in the middle ages. trade in the metal went back to antiquity but when the camel caravans of the sahara linked north africa to the savannah interior, the trade really took off. succession of great african empires rose off the back of the gold trade as salt, ivory, and slaves were just some of the commodities exchanged for the gold in south africa. between the and centuries ce, the south african kingdom of mapungubwe thrived due to natural resources like gold. located

  • A History Of Mining In South Africa Za

    however, according to south african history online, these were minor reefs and credit for the discovery of the main reef on langlaagte farm went to australian george harrison in july 1886. johannesburgs large gold deposits that ran for miles underground ensured the little mining town mushroomed into a feb 09, 2020 bill whitaker: gold and gold mining seem to be in the dna of south africa. bernard swanepoel: south african gold mining especially has always been at the center of all political and other

  • Massive Year Old Underground Ancient Code Com

    As a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites.there are countless, extremely ancient underground tunnels and chambers that stretch across the european continent. these massive, 00-year-old underground tunnels are the product of ancient man which was farnov 10, 2020 ancient aliens forbidden knowledge. 18,308 followers nonprofit organization. ancient origins. 965,299 followers interest. the backbreaking work in the gold mines in southeast africa had become unbearable in their commander-in-chief summoned the ruler of nabi, his father, au to an assembly of the great and demanded harsh punishment of

  • Bakoni Ruins Just Another Pseudoarchaeology Sites Site

    since big moneymaking shows like ancient aliens will continue to be successful, it is important expose other, less popular pseudo archaeological claims in order to prevent them from getting even more attention. the phenomena of the bakoni ruins in south africa provide a great example for how and why these preposterous claims arise, and what jan 26, 2021 the area is near several gold mines, reminding some of claims made by the late best-selling writer zecharia sitchin who argued that ancient ets who called themselves the anunnaki came to earth in search of gold, as long as 450,000 years ago. If tellinger is correct, the find completely overthrows orthodox timelines for the history of civilization.

  • Anunnaki Ancin Aliens Debunked

    this line about aliens coming to mine gold for their atmosphere, in the ancient past, is widely repeated by ancient astronaut theorists. In fact its become something of a foundational idea in the movement. this idea traces directly back to zecharia sitchin and has absolutely nothing to do with sumerian texts.nov 30, 2011 south africa At a worldwide alien summit taking place in johannesburg, experts are speculating that the gootans are here to plunder earth of its gold. several prominent extraterrestrial experts and strategic alien defense experts say that the alien attack under way by the gootan army has a specific mission: to plunder earth of its gold.

  • The Most Shocking Evidence That Earth Was Visited By

    mines were set up there in sumer, but also in africa as well. vusamazulu credo mutwa, a zulu elder and author of zulu shaman: dreams, prophecies, and mysteries says that ancient tribal traditions speak of visitors from the stars who mined for gold.nov 14, 2019 the reason why the ancient anunnaki aliens left nibiru and came to sumeria. after some time, it was discovered that the amount of gold in the ocean surrounding edin was not adequate, so the gold mining operation moved to africa, where huge gold

  • Top Anunnaki Aliens Facts Proof Of Aliens Life

    the anunnaki were the first people to create the building and cities, which we see in the modern world of today by the ancient alien theory. about anunna In the book the the earth chronicle the author describes the alien race is known as the anunna who came to mine the gold. first man. the adam is known as man in hebrew.sep 21, 2019 according to mainstream archeology, the pre-columbian quimbaya culture were believed to live in south america from 300 to 1550 CE and are best known for their precise gold and metalwork. the majority of gold pieces discovered are made with a tumbaga alloy with 30% copper, very similar to those accounts mentioned by plato in his dialogues about

  • New Age Sex Therapists Push Polyamory To Fight Back

    these mines were too paltry and failed to produce enough gold, angering the aliens, who did all the mining themselves. therefore, the aliens split into two teams: one at home base in mesopotamia and another in africa these aliens eventually mutinied, leading to the jun 25, 2020 when my son, micah, first told me they had discovered numerous ancient gold mines in south africa dating back to 100,000 or possibly 200,000 years ago, couldnt just readily accept it, wanted it to be true, but also wanted proof. researched it, and the mines were in fact there and as old or even older than represented.

  • Ancient Human Metropolis Found In Africa Page

    south africa is known as the largest gold producing country of the world. the largest gold producing area of the world is witwatersrand, the same region where the ancient metropolis is found. In fact nearby johannesburg, one of the best known cities of south africa, is also named egoli which means the city of gold.may 14, 2020 the hidden ancient anunnaki city In south africa: the gold mining city used By the anunnaki? top posts & pages 13,000 years old alien mummy discovered by the kgb in egypt

  • Annunaki Alien Facts

    many believe that the annunaki extracted massive amounts of gold using human labour, this is derived from multiple discoveries of ancient mining tunnels in south africa, as well as relics and links to the sumerians. No one knows why they wanted gold, no one knows how much was taken, said the researcher michael tellinger.jul 31, 2016 the most significant features of the discovery are structures related to the annunaki and the proof of ancient gold mines indicating the presence of an ancient civilization whose people knew how to extract gold. the annunaki were said to have mastered the ability to extract and mine gold and used it for celestial and mysterious purposes.

  • The Trans Saharan Gold Trade Th Th Century Essay

    african gold was indeed so famous worldwide that a spanish map of 1375 represents the king of mali holding a gold nugget when mossi raids destroyed the mali empire, the rising songhai empire relied on the same resources. gold remained the principal product in the trans-saharan trade, followed by kola africa. As modern south africa lacks a detailed account of early minin, this will allow insights to be gained from the more substantial body of research completed in zimbabwe and eastern botswan. examples from south africa will be used where possible. the mining techniques employed did not differ signifi-cantly throughout southern

  • Amazing Metropolis Discovered In Africa Is Years Old

    something amazing has been discovered in an area of south africa, about 150 miles inland, west of the port of maputo. It is the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, in conservative estimates, about 1500 square miles. the area is significant for one striking thing gold. the thousands of ancient gold mines discovered over the past later cyanidation process was introduced witwatersrand in south africa, also known as the rand, is the most productive gold-mining district in the world. surface gold was discovered in the region in 1884, and active mining operations began in 1886, the same year in which johannesburg was founded as a gold-mining settlement.

  • Michael Tellinger

    It is therefore curious that the calendar is referred to in ancient sumerian tablets as a place of observing which was built by the supreme entity enki, who was the ruler of the ancient gold mining empire called the abzu In the same reference, the sumerian text mentions sites that can be equated with great zimbabwe